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How to Learn Lightsaber Fighting Techniques | Saber Mastery

If you’ve ever watched Star Wars, then you’ve probably seen the iconic lightsaber duel between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, and you may have decided you’d like to become a Jedi Knight in real life, just like Luke. Well, if you want to become a Jedi Knight in the real world, you’re going to need to learn how to use a lightsaber. This means you’ll need to learn lightsaber fighting techniques. This article provides some helpful advice on how to go about doing this in the real world.

Lightsaber fighting is a great way to improve your fitness and agility. You don’t need to be an expert to start learning the basics of lightsaber fighting, but you do need to be committed. When you want to learn how to fight with a lightsaber, the first thing you need to do is overcome your fear of getting hit by another persons’ blade. You’ve got to be able to hold a lightsaber in front of you and feel comfortable holding it, and be comfortable hitting another person and taking strikes from another person. To do this you’ll need to practice with another person, either by attending an existing lightsaber school or through self-study to start your own lightsaber dueling club with your friends.

Look for Local Lightsaber Fighting Classes

The first thing you have to do is find a lightsaber instructor and ask them for training. You can sometimes find martial art schools in your local or nearby cities that provide lightsaber combat training classes as a supplement to their primary martial art (like Karate or Kendo).

It is much easier to learn lightsaber fighting techniques directly from an in-person instructor who can help you position your body correctly and give you personalized advice. You’ll also need to have another person to practice lightsaber fighting techniques against so you can learn how to strike and defend yourself during a match.

If you’re looking for a lightsaber class in your area, then you should search on Google or another search engine for ‘lightsaber classes near me‘. This will help you find any lightsaber fighting classes being taught in your local area. You can also search Google for “lightsaber fighting classes near me” or “lightsaber training near me“.

Purchase Books that Teach Lightsaber Fighting Techniques

If there are no local schools that teach lightsaber fighting techniques near you then the next best thing to do is purchase a book that teaches these techniques. An excellent book is Stunt Lightsaber Combat for Beginners. This book has been written for new students to lightsaber fighting and provides all the required techniques and drills needed to perform with a training partner so you can both learn how to fight with a lightsaber competitively as a sport and fun fitness activity.

If you choose to start your own club then you’ll need to purchase equipment for yourself and your training partners so you can safely practice lightsaber fighting techniques. Check out my guide on what equipment you will need.

Regardless of Which Path You Choose, Stay Focused

Whether you choose to learn from an instructor at an existing lightsaber fighting school or to start your own club with your friends by self-studying with a book, you’ll need to stay committed to make progress on becoming good at lightsaber fighting techniques. If you’re serious about learning how to fight with a lightsaber, then it’s important to work on the moves that you learn over and over again. This helps you commit them into your muscle-memory, allowing you to use them faster during full contact matches and giving you a faster reaction time advantage.

Keep in mind that while the techniques can be easy to learn the basic fundamentals of, lightsaber fighting is a a physical skill that requires many years of training to achieve mastery. The key to winning a fight with a lightsaber is knowing your enemies moves and formulating a plan. Once you know your enemy’s moves, you can counter them effectively.

I hope this article has provided you the information you were seeking on how to learn lightsaber fighting techniques.


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