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Is Lightsaber Fighting a Real Sport? | Saber Mastery

Many people are interested in learning how to fight with a Star Wars lightsaber in real life. The movies, video games, comics and television shows make lightsabers look like a really cool and fun weapon to fight with, so many people want to do it themselves. But is lightsaber fighting organized as a sport the way that other martial arts like Kendo are?

Is Lightsaber Dueling a Sport?

Yes, lightsaber combat is a sport. In fact, it’s becoming one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Lightsaber dueling has been recognized as a sport by the French Fencing Federation in 2019. More people than ever before have started taking up the lightsaber as a fun alternative form to modern Olympic style fencing, no doubt influenced by the popularity of the Star Wars movies. Desiring to help combat obesity and encourage people to leave behind sedentary lifestyles, many people are viewing lightsaber dueling as a sport to be a good way to encourage people to participate in sports that might otherwise focus on playing videogames instead of working out.

Why is lightsaber dueling as a combat sport a good thing? Some of the most popular sports in the world are combat sports, such as boxing, mixed martial arts, and even kickboxing. When it comes to lightsaber fighting, a lot of people think that it’s a very physically demanding sport requiring to learn complicated acrobatics like the Jedi in the movies do, but they’re wrong. There are some basic physical principles involved in lightsaber combat, but it actually looks more like traditional martial arts such as Kendo. These are of course competitive events that require a level of fitness but you don’t need to have the workout regimen of a Jedi-like Shaolin monk to participate in lightsaber dueling as a sport.

One of the challenges of lightsaber fighting is that it’s so unusual and people have a hard time imagining what it’s like. Here is a video showcasing a lightsaber duel tournament match from The Saber League, a popular group of lightsaber clubs that hold tournaments.

In a sense, lightsaber combat is like a sport because it combines physical activity and fighting skills. It is also performed for recreational fitness purposes. However, lightsaber combat is something that requires a lot of imagination and creativity, so it’s not really a sport in the traditional sense.

How to Learn Lightsaber Fighting as a Sport

One of the most common questions I get asked is, “How can I learn lightsaber fighting as a sport?” The answer to this question is actually quite simple. The first thing you need to do is practice. In order to do lightsaber fighting as a sport, you’ll have to train regularly and build up your skills so that you can fight against other people.

One thing you can do is join a lightsaber dueling club near you that teaches lightsaber fighting. There are many clubs you can find simply by searching on Google for them. Alternatively if there are no lightsaber schools teaching classes near you then you can teach yourself from books. An excellent book is Stunt Lightsaber Combat for Beginners, which teaches a method of lightsaber fighting based on historical European longsword techniques.

There are all kinds of different lightsaber fighting techniques, but the most important part is to always train with a partner. It’s important to learn how to defend yourself from attacks and have enough experience to know what to do when defending yourself.

You will also need some good equipment that is safe and strong enough to use for full contact lightsaber duel matches. You can read this article I have written about this subject that has a list of recommended equipment for full contact lightsaber dueling as a sport.

I hope this article has provided you some information about lightsaber fighting as a sport and that you consider becoming part of this growing and fun sport!


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