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Lightsaber Fighting Starter Gear Guide | Saber Mastery

Before you start to make your own lightsaber dueling club, it’s important to get yourself some starter gear to help protect you during your fighting matches. The following list of recommendations for starter gear comes from experience with full contact fighting and also includes gear that is required to compete in most lightsaber fighting leagues.

With the rise of Star Wars: The Force Awakens the popularity of Star Wars has increased again and led to an explosion of interest in people learning how to fight with lightsabers in real life as a sport and martial art hobby. The lightsaber is one of the most powerful weapons in all of Star Wars and attracts many people to it. In this article we will discuss what type of protective gear you will need for full contact dueling with a lightsaber in the real world, to protect yourself and others from injuries.

Why You Need Protective Gear for Full Contact Lightsaber Fighting

Just because our lightsaber blades are made from hard plastic does not mean they cannot cause injuries. If you strike someone hard in the face you can easily poke someone’s eye out or break their nose. You could also do a hard strike to the genitals or the throat, which will hurt a great deal. People who do full contact fighting with a stunt lightsaber can easily get bruises, too. While serious injuries are uncommon, the same kind of injuries a person can get in something like Kendo can still be obtained if you don’t wear the proper protective equipment.

This lightsaber fighting starter set recommended in this article is the one that I always recommend to people who want to start lightsaber fighting. When you’re starting out, you need a good light saber and some basic protective gear.

Quality Lightsaber for Dueling

The first thing you’ll obviously want for lightsaber dueling is a good quality stunt lightsaber. A stunt lightsaber is a lightsaber prop specifically designed for full contact fight choreography and tournament fighting competitions. The vast majority of lightsabers sold on the market, such as those you can purchase from Walmart, are not suitable for full contact fighting and will easily break. So you need a stunt lightsaber that has been specifically constructed for full contact fighting.

There is a lot to consider when you’re looking to buy your first lightsaber. There’s the color, the blade, the handle, and it all needs to be balanced properly.

The most affordable stunt lightsaber model we’ve seen with full motion sounds is manufactured by Adawlert. They sell for around $100 USD and come in three hilt colors. The blade colors can also be changed to the color that you prefer by holding down the ignition button, and two of these lightsabers can be combined together to make a double-bladed lightsaber. This is a great starter deal for those wishing to get into lightsaber fighting as a sport and hobby.

If you don’t know how to use a lightsaber for real dueling then you should check out the book Stunt Lightsaber Combat for Beginners: The Unofficial Guide to Dueling Like a Jedi. This book is the top rated lightsaber instructional book on Amazon and teaches you step by step all of the techniques and footwork you will need to become proficient.

Lightsaber Dueling Mask

The best and most affordable lightsaber dueling mask you can purchase is going to be a fencing mask. As a stunt lightsaber blade is made from x and does not have any sharp points you don’t need to worry about things like safety ratings of the bibs so a cheap mask is just fine for this purpose.

The most affordable mask to use is a Leonark branded mask. As for sizes, children should wear a Small size mask and most teenagers will wear a Medium size mask. Adult women also often wear a Medium size mask, too. Adult men tend to wear a Large size mask.

Lightsaber Dueling Gloves

You want to protect your fingers and hands from taking very hard blows during intense lightsaber fighting duels. It is recommended that you use lacrosse gloves, such as this model Brine King Superlight 2 Lacrosse Glove.

Knee and Elbow Pads

You can use hard shelled or soft pads to protect your elbows and knees from strikes.

Neck Protection

It is a good idea to wear neck protection such as a gorget. Although a stunt saber blade does not have the ability to pierce your skin a thrust or strike that can go under the bib of your fencing mask can still damage your throat, causing injury to your vocal cords and ability to breath. So you should wear a gorget underneath your mask to prevent this injury from occuring.

Gender Specific Protection

It is recommended that male lightsaber fighters wear a protective cup and that female fighters wear a plastic chest protector. This will prevent damage to these sensitive areas of the body.

Chest Protection

Even if you are a man you may want to purchase some more heavy duty chest protection if you intend to take a good thrust to the chest. A good ready available chest protector is the kind used for field hockey.

This concludes the list of recommended starter equipment for someone seeking to do full contact lightsaber fighting in real life. Let us know in the comments if you have any further suggestions or questions.


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