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The Best Sparring Lightsabers to Buy for Lightsaber Dueling

The lightsaber is an iconic symbol of the Star Wars franchise and there are countless items that people can use to replicate the iconic weapon from the films, yet if you want to engage in lightsaber sparring you need an appropriate tool for this sport. Here are some of the best lightsabers that we recommend for full contact lightsaber dueling as a martial art and sport.

The best lightsabers are those that are made from the highest quality materials. The best lightsabers, therefore, have a high-quality blade and handle while also being lightweight and easy to hold. The best lightsabers for martial arts are ones that have a balance between power and maneuverability, with blade and hilt designs meant for full-contact lightsaber dueling fighting.

Many people also want their lightsabers to make appropriate sounds like lightsabers do in the movies. This means they need good soundboards and other electronics that can endure full-contact lightsaber battles. So many people desire a lightsaber with a built-in sound system.

With these considerations, the majority of the kinds of lightsabers sold as toys or official movie replicas simply cannot stand up to the intensity of full contact lightsaber dueling as a martial art and sport. These movie replica props and toys are designed to primarily be decorative, not to be used competitively.

What Type of Blade Should a Sparring Lightsaber Have?

The toy and officially licensed movie replica lightsabers usually have poor quality plastic lightsaber blades that cannot endure full contact sparring matches when lightsaber dueling is treated as a martial art. You need a good quality blade of medium to heavy thickness made from polycarbonate tubing that is designed for full contact combat. Polycarbonate tubing is a thermoplastic polymer that has many useful qualities for full contact lightsaber blades, such as working well for high impact situations. These blades are sold by companies such as Ultrasabers and generally only work with lightsaber hilts designed for full contact fighting.

These types of blades for a lightsaber are also known as a ‘stunt lightsaber blade’. They can be sold by many different manufacturers, but most are not licensed by Disney as official Star Wars products. This is because full contact martial art schools that teach lightsaber combat are not officially recognized by Disney and operate in a legal grey area in terms of whether they violence Disney’s intellectual property rights over the Star Wars franchise.

What Style of Lightsaber Hilts are the Best for Dueling?

There are a few lightsabers that are the best to buy. There’s the classic lightsaber, the lightsaber with a crossbar and the double bladed lightsaber hilts.

With these considerations, there’s no single best lightsaber to buy. There’s only the best lightsaber for you. Think about what you want out of your lightsaber. Your personal lightsaber for dueling should be a fun to use weapon.

More important than lightsaber hilt design details such as if they have a crossguard or not, the best lightsabers for dueling are the ones that are well balanced, weighted properly, and designed to withstand the wear and tear of constant use. The best lightsabers for martial arts are the ones that have good construction for full contact fighting matches. For the best lightsabers for martial arts, you should look for a lightsaber that’s made from a high-quality material. The weight should also be well balanced so that you can just use it in one hand.

The Best Sparring Lightsabers to Buy for Beginners

For those who are looking to buy lightsabers, this is the best model for beginners. I personally use a single-sided lightsaber in the classic hilt style without a crossguard, which is more useful for being able to do lightsaber spins and other tricking as compared to with a crossguard.

While this model is affordable and fun to use, some people want more customized lightsaber hilts. A good company that sells quality lightsabers meant for full contact martial arts is Ultrasabers who have gained a reputation as a provider of affordable customizable lightsaber hilt designs.

Another manufacturer is Saberforge, who is known to produce lightsaber hilts with more detail but are much more expensive.

Keep in mind that stunt lightsabers used for full contact martial arts sparring are also popularly purchased by those in the Star Wars fandom cosplay community, and there is overlap between the martial arts lightsaber community and the cosplay community. Some models of stunt lightsabers may not be designed strictly for full contact fighting in terms of small parts and details put on the hilts.

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