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What is Star Wars Lightsaber Combat?

What is Star Wars lightsaber combat? Star Wars lightsaber combat is the name given to the form of martial arts that Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Obi-Wan Kenobi and other Force users practice in the Star Wars fictional universe created by film director George Lucas. But some people in the real-world also do a form of lightsaber combat, called stunt lightsaber combat, as a martial art practice and sport. These real life lightsaber combat duels are a’bit like Sport Fencing or Kendo.

In the fictional Star Wars universe There are different forms of lightsaber combat, and the most famous one is the form known as Form I: Shii-Cho-Ken. These forms are primarily practiced by the Jedi. Jedi is a term for the fictional characters in the Star Wars universe who are fully trained in the ways of the force. They use their powers to defend themselves and others from harm. You can learn more about these fictional lightsaber forms in my article on the subject.

In the Star Wars movies, lightsaber combat is all about using different techniques to gain the upper hand on your opponent. It’s important to be able to anticipate your opponent’s moves and be able to counter them. In Star Wars, when a Jedi uses the force they can deflect a blaster bolt back at the enemy. They can also use it to deflect an object like a lightsaber in combat. The lightsaber combat sequences in Star Wars are some of the most popular scenes in the films. They are typically fight scene where a Jedi warriors face off against their enemy Sith warriors other with lightsabers, and it’s fast-paced, exciting and visually stunning.

In the real world stunt lightsabers are made with blades built from polycarbonate tubing that allows the lightsaber to light up with electronics contained in the hilts, and be able to withstand the strong force of blows and not break down easily. While real people cannot use the Force like the fictional Jedi warriors do, people still develop martial art instincts and engage in this type of fighting as an alternative to other full contact combat sports like Kendo.

If you’d like to learn more about how to do full contact lightsaber dueling as a martial art practice and sport you should read my in-depth article on this topic.


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